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Since our foundation in 1987, Aleis has built its respected brand and reputation on servicing Livestock RFID to producers, feedlots, contactors, saleyards, live exports and abattoirs with our range of fully automated RFID systems and portable RFID wands throughout the world. From this technology and the service provided by our dedicated team we are supported by thousands of happy clients. Here is a selection of their comments.

Mort & Co"Mort & Co Lot Feeders are proud users of Aleis scanning and reading equipment in our 3 feed yards across Eastern Australia. The quality of the product, the advice and notification of new technology and the prompt reliable service are all testaments to the Aleis business. The accuracy of the scanners is vital in our control of cattle inventory and NLIS identification, and to have Aleis support only a phone call away or visit in person is priceless in our daily operations."
~Ben Maher Grassdale Feedlot| www.mortco.com.au

"When I began my business 7 years ago Aleis had the best NLIS scanners available, they still have and throughout that time the reliability and robust character of all their hand held and saleyard panel scanners we use have never let us down. Due to the tough construction and with some internal software upgrades the first handheld scanners (9060s) we bought are as good and reliable as the day they were bought. No expensive upgrades to the latest gadget just solid practical hard working gear that has handled the staff and conditions in over 40 different saleyards we have scanned in. I have no hesitation in recommending Aleis Scanning equipment to any potential commercial or private buisness looking for Quality reliable products with sensational support." 
~ Scanclear | www.scanclear.com.au

"We own and operate the Sugarbag Yards SW of Mt Garnet. Sugarbag Yards is a Certified Tick Clearing Centre, a Registered Feedlot, an AQIS approved Registered Premise for the assembly of Live Export, as well as a spell and weigh centre for Cape York Peninsular, the Gulf Country, and the Atherton Tablelands. We had the first commercial install of ALEIS’s High Flow Reader back in early 2007, and absolutely love the performance of the reader. Without the High Flow Reader, the NLIS system would be an absolute nightmare, to the point that we probably wouldn’t be able to comply with our NLIS requirements. We have the High Flow Reader situated near both our loading and unloading ramp, and all cattle entering or leaving the Sugarbag Yards easily run through it. We find when we are unloading several road trains the High Flow Reader keeps up with the high flow of cattle we push towards it.
After approximately 2yrs we had a minor technical issue with the High Flow Reader; it was the Easter Wednesday at about 11pm, which caused the reader to fail. Always happens when you are receiving a yard full of cattle! Upon contacting Frank and his team on Easter Thursday morning, Frank dispatched a technician on Easter Saturday with enough parts to repair and have the High Flow Reader operational again on Easter Saturday at about lunchtime. This is no idle feat given that ALEIS is based at Jandowae, approximately 4 hours drive into Brisbane, to catch a 2 hour plane up to Cairns and then drive 4 hours west out to Sugarbag west of Mt Garnet, and given that the day in between was Good Friday when the entire of Australia shuts down. Certainly the service that Frank, John Jnr and the rest of the crew at ALEIS should be extremely proud of.

I caught up with Frank at Beef 2009 at the ALEIS tent briefly, and asked him if there was any way that a USB memory stick could be incorporated into the High Flow Reader, so that I wouldn’t have to lung my laptop computer into the dust and dirt to retrieve the NLIS tag info from the High Flow Reader. Frank told me I was the first to ask for this, but he could see benefit for this upgrade. Again to the credit of the ALIES, within eighteen months of my initial enquiry they were able to redesign the High Flow Reader to retro fit a USB memory stick into the High Flow Reader. Again this is the first commercial instillation of this upgrade, but I have no doubt that if there are any problems (which I am not expecting), ALEIS will pull out all stops to get the machine operational as quickly as possible.

I cannot recommend the ALEIS products or the service that ALEIS backs up their products with highly enough. I welcome anyone to contact me for a first hand look or discussion about my experiences with not only the ALEIS High Flow reader, but also with their Stick Reader which I have also had outstanding service from."
~ Brian Henry – Owner and Manager of Sugarbag Yards, Sugarbag Station Mt Garnet 4872, Australia | P (042) 88 33 414 W www.sugarbag.com.au

“Aleis makes the best product around – there is no doubt about it. They’re the most reliable and robust and the service is second to none.”
~ Jock Hicks, Shepparton Saleyards, Cnr New Dookie Road and Wheeler Street, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia Telephone: (03) 5821 4462


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